Recent Training Day Agendas

Here are two agendas from the training program which provide a snapshot of the schedule and content of typical training days.


Host:  John Madden, DeYoe Wealth Management
Chase Building, Berkeley

8:30-9:15            Continental breakfast & class introductions

9:30-10:15          Leadership Workshop:  The Yin & Yang of our Workplaces

10:15-10:30        Break & walk to Berkeley Historical Society

10:30-noon         Stories of Berkeley - history & exhibits with John Aronovici,                                               History Center Manager

12:00- 1:00         Walk to lunch & dine (location dependent upon weather)

1:00-1:45            Leadership Attributes Workshop, part 1

2:00-3:30            Panel:  Arts in the Community:
                           Mary Ann Merker, Civic Arts Coordinator, City of Berkeley
                           Lisa Bullwinkel, Hoopla CEO, Another Bullwinkel Show
                           and BACHotline
                           Sherry Goodman, Director of Education and Academic Relations
                           UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive

3:30-4:15            Leadership Attributes Workshop, part 2

4:15-4:30            Closing reflection, day’s evaluation

Fantastic speakers from three different angles — really enjoyed.


Host:  Nancy Humphrey, City of Emeryville
Location:  1333 Park Ave, Emeryville (1 block east of Hollis, 1 block north of 40th)

8:30-9:15            Continental breakfast & class check-in

9:15-10:15          Leadership Assessments:  individual areas of focus
10:15-10:30        Break 

10:30-11:30       City Economic Development Panel  
                           Jordan Klein, Economic Development Manager, City of Berkeley
                           Chad Smalley, Economic Development & Housing Manager,
                           City of Emeryville

11:30-12:00       JP Walsh, Director of Finance, Panoramic Interests
12:00- 1:00        Lunch on site, hosted by Nancy and City of Emeryville

1:00-1:45           Leadership Workshop:  Enhancing an Environment
                          of Trust in the Workplace

1:45-2:00           Break

2:00-3:00           Business Improvement District Panel 
                          Allen Cain, Executive Director & Events Manager
                          Solano Avenue Association
                          Stuart Baker, Executive Director, Telegraph Avenue Association
                          John Caner, Executive Director, Downtown Berkeley Association
3:00-4:00          Class project planning

4:00-4:30          Closing reflection, day’s evaluation

4:30-                 No-host Happy Hour at Town House - 5862 Doyle St., Emeryville

All of the speakers were incredibly insightful today.